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The skilled plastic surgeons at Premier Plastic Surgery have helped countless patients not only treat harmful skin conditions, but they’ve also restored their self-esteem and confidence. Aside from their undesirable appearance, skin lesions may indicate serious health concerns. Trust the surgeons at Premier Plastic Surgery to make accurate diagnoses, treat the condition, and restore your skin to its former glory.

At our medical centers, the skin cancer treatments and birthmark removal services we provide have transformed the lives of numerous patients in the Pittsburgh and Wexford, PA areas. You don’t need to live with unsightly — or even dangerous — skin lesions. Our board-certified plastic surgeons can evaluate and treat all manner of skin lesions and conditions. Having a medical professional assess potentially harmful skin lesions can help you keep your skin clear and beautiful and even save your life!

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What are skin lesions? What causes them?

Skin lesions are abnormal, superficial growths on the skin that can result from a wide range of conditions or diseases. Millions of Americans are affected by these growths. Typically, skin lesions fall under one of two categories.

  • Primary Skin Lesions – These lesions can manifest in various colors or textures depending on how they came about. Some may be present from birth, like moles or birthmarks. Others come about as symptoms of allergic reactions, environmental factors, or diseases. For example, lesions may arise due to damage from exposure to ultraviolet radiation (sunburns).
  • Secondary Skin Lesions – Secondary lesions result from pre-existing primary lesions. In most cases, these develop due to the progression of the condition or from behavior like scratching or rubbing.

These growths and markings can also be identified as benign or malignant. Although malignant lesions tend to share some characteristics, like changing over time. You should not hesitate to contact our medical center; the sooner a malignant skin condition can be identified, the easier it is to treat both medically and cosmetically.

How are skin lesions treated?

Most often, treatment for skin cancer lesions and other growths consist of removal and restoration. After administering a local anesthetic, one of our physicians removes the lesion, applying stitches afterward if needed. Sometimes, such procedures can leave scars. However, our skilled surgeons are adept at scar revision procedures that can leave them almost imperceptible.

At our medical centers in Wexford and Pittsburgh, PA, our expert plastic surgeons perform a wide range of skin treatments:

  • Skin Cancer Treatments
  • Actinic Keratosis Treatments
  • Birthmark Removal
  • Mole Removal

If you suspect that a skin marking or growth might be malignant, schedule a consultation as soon as possible. If you receive treatment for actinic keratosis and other similar conditions early on, you may likely prevent them from developing into skin cancer. Early detection and treatment can help you avoid serious health issues and further skin damage later in life.

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