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The Thigh Lift, also known as Thighplasty, reduces the size of your upper thigh so that it is in proportion to the buttocks and the rest of your body, improving overall body contour. Pittsburgh plastic surgeon, Dr Heil* uses the procedure to rid the loose, hanging skin in the thigh and buttocks, which tends to remain on a patient’s body following significant weight loss. A thigh lift may be performed with other body contouring procedures at Pittsburgh plastic surgery center. Other procedures can include an arm lift or tummy tuck.

Incisions for thigh lifts vary depending on your skin’s texture and laxity. Many thigh lifts focus on the inner thigh, but outer lifts that include the buttock region are also available. Your plastic surgeon will determine the best procedure for your desired result during your consultation.


Thigh Lift in Pittsburgh

Thigh Lift Combinations


The Obalon Balloon Weight Loss System pairs nicely with the thigh lift procedure to help facilitate overall weight loss while shaping and maintaining healthy body fat levels. In addition to a nutrition and exercise program, Obalon provides a safe and gradual method for shedding excess pounds and looking your best.


Liposuction is commonly combined with the thigh lift procedure to maximize its benefits by treating residual fat pockets, reducing bulk, and creating a smoother, more contoured area. Performing these two simultaneously also helps minimize anesthesia and facility costs as well.


Other procedures commonly performed simultaneously with a thigh lift are liposuction of the hips, abdomen, and back as well as an arm lift to achieve a more congruous body shape.

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