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Over the years, a woman’s body undergoes many changes. Age, pregnancy, genetics, and other factors all influence not only appearance and function, but also a woman’s own relationship with her body. Sometimes, these changes are not always favorable.

There are few subjects more sensitive than our most private parts. However, women can experience a myriad of issues with their genitalia over the course of their lives:

  • Vulvovaginal dryness
  • Mild to moderate urinary incontinence
  • Orgasmic or sexual dissatisfaction
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Low libido

Find A Solution At Premier Plastic Surgery

Thankfully, vaginal rejuvenation procedures exist to address all of these issues. Premier Plastic Surgery provides several procedures that represent the latest and greatest medical innovations in the field of feminine rejuvenation. With such treatments, women may have some questions and concerns – understandably so. Of course, we are happy to answer all of them.

The vaginal rejuvenation procedures we offer are both non-invasive, outpatient procedures that achieve quick results. The treatments involve minimal discomfort and recovery time. For feminine rejuvenation in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and beyond, look no further than Premier Plastic Surgery.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Pittsburgh

Who Is A Good Candidate For Thermiva?

If you are a woman who has had children and are closing in on menopause, seeking a tighter vagina and/or labia, or looking to improve your overall aesthetic down there, you are perfect for our ThermiVa services. Those who also suffer from the below are also ideal candidates for this procedure:

  • Incontinence
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Frequent infections
  • Sexual displeasure

Thermiva Results And Maintenance

Typically, complete ThermiVa results come after three separate sessions over three months. Results can be experienced as soon as the first treatment and last for 9 to 12 months after the treatment ends. Then, once or twice a year, an additional maintenance session can be undertaken to preserve results.

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Is Thermiva Painful?

No pain, scarring, burns, or blistering has been recorded from ThermiVa; however, there have been rare occasions in which the vaginal opening became too tight. Patients have also reported no discomfort during the procedure.

Is There Any Downtime After Thermiva?

There is no downtime, and patients are able to return to their normal activities the very same day, as ThermiVa requires no surgery or anesthesia.


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Vaginal Rejuvenation Pittsburgh
Vaginal Rejuvenation Pittsburgh
Vaginal Rejuvenation Pittsburgh

Lotus Gynolaser

Vaginal Rejuvenation Pittsburgh

Easy Experience, Fantastic Results

This treatment, which is generally applied three times over the course of six weeks, achieves quick results through even quicker procedures. Lotus GynoLaser therapy takes only five minutes to apply per session. The laser uses a fractional C02 laser system that, up until now, was primarily used for facial rejuvenation.

After these sessions, patients experience astonishing new growth and restoration of vulvovaginal cells and tissues, allowing them to get their young and sexy self back, unlock self-confidence, and restore their feminine wellness. Lubrication and mucosal elasticity can noticeably increase after even one treatment. Just as with ThermiVa, additional maintenance sessions are recommended once a year after treatment is complete.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Pittsburgh

What Occurs During The Lotus Gynolaser Treatment?

Every woman’s body is unique and requires a personalized approach based on specific concerns. Dr. Heil will provide each of his Pittsburgh and Wexford, PA patients with a personalized consultation to ensure they are receiving a treatment plan that will get them the results they desire.

During your treatment, the physician will insert a dilator into the vagina. A handpiece in the dilator will then release pulses of light within the canal of the vagina. The modern technology and precision guiding system of the Lotus GynoLaser allow for the handpiece to rotate and move within the canal as it is carefully pulled out, ensuring a safe experience and comprehensive results.

Is The Lotus Gynolaser Painful?

While some patients may experience mild discomfort when the handpiece is initially inserted, the actual rejuvenation treatment is not painful and requires no anesthesia. Many patients report feeling a gentle vibration sensation during the laser treatment.

Rejuvenate Your Life

Premier Plastic Surgery is your source for painless vaginal rejuvenation procedures with proven results. For patients in Pittsburgh, PA, Allegheny County, and the surrounding areas, call 724-264-3608 to schedule your consultation today.

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We are taking every precaution including universal masking, adequate personal protective equipment, heightened safety & decontaminating protocols, enhanced screening processes for incoming patients, as well as COVID-19 testing for our employees & surgical patients. Please click here for a full report of protocols and safety measures.

We will continue to offer virtual consultations with Dr Heil. Please email [email protected] to make these arrangements. For more information on protocols or to set-up an appointment, call us at 724.933.1800. Acqua Blu Medical Spa's estheticians, Anna & Alyson will be providing services shortly. Thank you for your loyalty & trust. We look forward to seeing your beautiful smiling face again.


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