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Inverted nipple repair is a cosmetic surgery done to correct the appearance of nipples that are sunken in or inverted. Both the male and female nipples naturally project outward to at least some extent. In some cases the nipple can become inverted, an inverted nipple repair surgery corrects that to restore a more aesthetically pleasing chest or breast profile.

Dr. Brian V. Heil is a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon in Pennsylvania specializing in cosmetic surgeries of the face, breast and body. He has helped thousands of patients to look more youthful, achieve self and sexual confidence, and meet their beauty goals.

What are Inverted Nipples?

Having inverted nipples simply means that instead of projecting outward, the nipples point inward. They may look like slits or small holes at the center of the male or female chest, instead of ordinary nipples that project outward.

The condition is fairly common, affecting 2 out of every hundred men and women. The condition can affect one or both nipples and may be present for birth or occur later in life for various reasons, including breastfeeding.

A common reason for inverted nipples is that the underlying milk ducts are shorter than necessary to reach up through the breast tissue and connect with the protruded nipple, causing them to pull back on and invert it.

Surgery is the only effective treatment

The first step in inverted nipple repair will be to examine the breasts and isolate the cause of inversion so that it can be properly addressed. Patient to patient, the condition varies, with some experiencing merely a cosmetic defect, while others suffer from problems breastfeeding due to inverted nipples. The surgical plan will be tailored to the condition the patient presents with, taking into account his or her cosmetic concerns and future plans for bearing children.

Inverted Nipple Repair Pittsburgh, PA

Benefits of Inverted Nipple Repair Surgery

Inverted nipple repair surgery produces both physical and psychological benefits, as the nipple is returned to a naturally reverted state, helping the patient to feel more confident in their own skin. Because the breasts play a role in many intimate interactions, the benefits experienced often include increased self esteem and sexual confidence, with fewer insecurities.

  • Returns the nipple back to a normal state of protrusion
  • Patients report increased self and sexual confidence with fewer inhibitions.
  • May make breastfeeding easier and less problematic for mother and child.

Candidacy for Inverted Nipple Repair Surgery

Most patients who have concerns about the projection of their nipples can benefit from inverted nipple repair surgery. Relief and repair are possible in a majority of cases as Dr. Heil uses a variety of techniques to correct the inversion, depending on the patient’s concerns and history. The best candidates for inverted nipple repair are those who:

  • Are at 18-years-old or above
  • Aren’t actively breastfeeding or currently pregnant
  • Would like to repair their inverted nipples for personal and/or psychological concerns
  • Were born with inverted nipples or later developed them due to breastfeeding or trauma

Preparing for Inverted Nipple Repair Surgery

Surgery for inverted nipples is a very safe and straightforward procedure usually completed in under an hour and done under local anesthesia. A patient’s preparations for surgery are few. You may be asked to cease taking certain blood-thinning medications in order to minimize postoperative bruising and swelling, and will be asked to cease smoking at least 3 or 4 weeks ahead of the surgery. Patient-specific instructions on how to prepare for surgery will be given in your personal consultation.

Inverted Nipple Repair Pittsburgh, PA


Inverted nipple repair surgery is a simple procedure done in the office under local anesthesia. This makes downtime very minimal and recovery rather uncomplicated. Most of our patients return to work and resume their social activities within 12 hours of surgery. Various factors may extend this time, but they are quite rare. Pain and discomfort following surgery is easily managed with prescribed pain medication.

Cost of Inverted Nipple Repair in Pittsburgh

The cost of inverted nipple repair varies from patient to patient, depending on the grade of inversion a patient presents with and the surgical techniques required. After a personal consultation, Dr. Heil will be able to provide an exact cost of the procedure. To make this and other procedures more accessible to patients and help them reach their beauty and body goals, we offer very convenient no interest financing options if paid within a specified plan period.

Inverted Nipple Repair | FAQ

How long does inverted nipple repair surgery take?

Inverted nipple repair surgery can usually be completed in under an hour. Depending on the uniqueness of the conditions and concerns a patient present with, surgery may extend beyond an hour. In every case, the focus in surgery is on the best possible outcome for the patient and we do all that is necessary to achieve this.

Is inverted nipple repair surgery permanent?

Yes, surgery done to correct inverted nipples produces permanent results.

Will inverted nipple repair reduce nipple sensation?

After surgery, the nipples will likely be tender for up to a few weeks. Thereafter, sensation in the nipples should return to its pre-surgery sensitivity.

Will my nipples be perfectly uniform after surgery?

In their most natural state, the breasts and nipples are not perfectly uniform to begin with, but are similar enough as to be unnoticeably different. Producing perfectly uniform results is possible, however it depends on a patient’s specific condition and degree of inversion.

What procedures complement inverted nipple repair surgery?

On its own, inverted nipple repair surgery can bring great relief and restore confidence. It’s a small surgery for a sensual area of the body that goes a very long way. Patients who also want to improve the size and shape of their breasts may want to consider breast augmentation. Patients with breasts that are sagging or wrinkled such as after weight loss, pregnancy, or the natural course of aging may want to consider a breast lift.

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