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Enhancing Natural Curves for Exceptional Beauty.

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Heil, offers the Brazilian Butt Lift in Pittsburgh. It gives you the appearance of a tighter more attractive buttock and improves the overall shape and contour of your upper legs and thighs. The goal of a Buttock Lift is to decreases the irregularities in the skin surface, leaving you with a less saggy, dimpled appearance.

If you are self conscious about the appearance of your lower body and feel it is out of proportion and saggy in comparison to the rest of your shape, this procedure may suit your needs. If you live near Pittsburgh, plastic surgery center staff are ready to schedule your consultation today.

For any questions or to schedule a consultation at Premier Plastic Surgery, click here to contact us today. We have 2 locations throughout the Tri-State area.

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

A Brazilian butt lift, often abbreviated as BBL, is a natural way to augment the buttocks using the patient’s own body fat to reshape, resize and recontour the butt. BBL is a surgical procedure with an outcome lasting many years or decades. Dr. Heil’s keen eye combined with his decades of experience create a stunning and very complimentary outcome for each of his BBL patients.

The Brazilian butt lift procedure

In a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Heil will start by taking fat from unwanted locations such as the abdomen thighs, using liposuction and under either local anesthesia with sedation, or under general anesthesia. This produces tiny incisions of about a quarter-inch that heal rapidly and invisibly. That extracted fat is then carefully purified and is injected by a syringe into the butt to add appealing curvature, contour and volume in all the right locations.

Meet Your Surgeon

Dr. Brian V. Heil revealed his outstanding talents during his education, achieving his medical degree at the top of his class. He advanced his education at one of the nation’s most revered plastic surgery training programs.

Over his years in practice, Dr. garnered a reputation for excellence in plastic surgery, hair restoration, and non-surgical enhancements. Your treatments will be performed by a true professional in the field of plastic surgery, who is warm, genuine, and is dedicated to achieving superior results.

Butt Lift Combinations

Thigh Lift

The areas of skin around the buttocks and thighs are especially susceptible to drooping as we age, so a thighplasty can be performed as part of a lower body lift to enhance the appearance of the backside.


Pittsburgh Butt augmentation and liposuction are also very useful as part of an all-inclusive lower body lift. These procedures include the tightening of sagging skin and reduction of fat, which results in a firmer posterior.

What is the difference between a Brazilian butt lift and butt implants?

A Brazilian butt lift is the preferred technique for butt augmentation. In the fat transfer used in BBL, the patient’s own body fat is taken from one area and injected in the butt to help reshape and contour it, allowing for a more natural result and lower risk of infection.

Fat transfer allows for contouring of various regions and a very personalized approach and outcome. In patients with inadequate body fat, silicone butt implants can be used to create further enhancement.

What are the benefits of a Brazilian butt lift?

  • Beautifully augmented and enhanced shape and curvature
  • Reduces fat elsewhere when liposuction is used
  • Integrated balance of one’s physical proportions
  • Corrects flat or sagging buttocks and products a perkier derriere

How much does a Brazilian butt lift cost?

The cost for a Brazilian butt lift will depend on the client’s age, weight, and overall health, as well as the extent of the services performed. This treatment is not usually covered by insurance carriers because it is cosmetic and elective in nature. Costs may include surgeon’s fees, facility fees, and postoperative garment fees. Here is an overview:

  • Brazillian butt lift (BBL) - Autologous fat grafting to buttocks from abdomen waist and flanks $6600-$8600
  • Autologous fat grafting of bilateral buttocks (Brazillian butt lift) $6450-$8000

BBL recovery

Following the procedure and throughout recovery, the pain is mild to moderate and can be mitigated with pain medication. Most patients will return to their normal work and activities within a week, but will reduce time spent seated for 2 weeks, sleep on their stomach at night insofar as is possible, and avoid vigorous exercise for 4 weeks. Compression garments will be worn for 6 weeks following the procedure. Slight swelling and bruising are common immediately after the procedure but these diminish rapidly.

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