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Until recently you had to choose between a procedure that offers really great results but a lengthy recovery, or a procedure with a fast recovery but marginal results. Acqua Blu Medical Spa & Plastic Surgery Center is pleased to offer this latest cutting-edge laser technology in the form of the Sciton Halo laser system. Dr. Heil is pleased to be the first plastic surgery and medical spa in Pennsylvania to offer this treatment.


About the Sciton Halo Laser

The Sciton Halo laser is a hybrid fractional laser, which means it administers both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths of laser energy to targeted areas of the skin. To understand how Halo works, it’s important to understand the difference between these 2 types of wavelengths.

Ablative lasers remove the thin, damaged outer layers of skin, sending the skin’s healing processes into overdrive and revealing the softer, more radiant skin beneath. Although ablative laser treatments often require several days of recuperation, their results on lines, wrinkles, scars, and discoloration can be quite significant.

Non-ablative lasers keep the surface skin intact while directing energy precisely to underlying areas of tissue. The non-ablative laser penetrates more deeply into the skin than ablative lasers, reaching the deepest pigment, causing increased production of collagen, and tightening skin. Non-ablative lasers are also associated with less overall downtime after the treatment.



The benefits of the Halo laser include:

  • Improves the skin’s tone and laxity
  • Smoothes and softens skin texture
  • Addresses sun damaged areas
  • Smoothes and softens the skin’s texture
  • Eliminates epidermal dark spots
  • Diminishes the look of large pores
  • Eases fine lines and wrinkles
  • Requires less downtime than similar laser treatments
  • The laser energy level can be adjusted for each individual patient

Halo Procedure

A treatment with the Sciton Halo laser is unlike other laser treatments at Acqua Blu Medical Spa. Depending on your aesthetic goals your treatment may be as short as 30 minutes or longer than an hour. The Halo laser utilizes and integrating cooling tip which keeps the skin comfortable both during and after treatment. Furthermore, Acqua Blu has recently added the Zimmer Cryo 6 to our practice. This Zimmer Cooler provides optimum patient comfort during the Halo procedure.

Some patients may benefit from two Halo treatments, spaced at least four weeks apart. In some cases, it will be recommended to include a Sciton BBL (Broad Band Light) Photorejuvenation treatment with the Halo treatment to maximize results. During your complimentary consultation, we will be provided you with a customized treatment plan.

During your procedure, the Halo laser gently passes over the surface of the skin. As the device glides across the tissue, it emits quick pulses of laser energy. Unlike many other lasers, the Halo only requires one pass over each area, providing safer and more dependable results.


Patients can expect the tissue to be red and slightly swollen after a Halo Laser treatment. It is also common for the skin to be tender for several days. A few days after the procedure, the skin may begin to look dry or flaky. This occurs as the body sheds the old tissue and new, fresh skin is regenerated. Most patients are feeling comfortable enough with their appearance to be back at work in four to five days. The beautiful and glowing results of your Sciton Halo treatment are long-lasting!

Your Consultation

Prior to your treatment, our providers will comprehensively evaluates your skin and listens to your aesthetic goals. A customized treatment plan is developed according to your goals, skin type and budget.

Regardless of the treatment you ultimately choose at Acqua Blu, we work hard to ensure that your results safely and comfortably achieve the outcome you desire.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Sciton Halo laser, please contact Acqua Blu Medical Spa at 724-264-3608 to schedule your consultation. Our physician assistant will discuss the Halo laser in depth, and explain how it may be helpful for your unique situation. We will create a detailed treatment plan designed to restore a youthful, healthy and glowing appearance and maintain the beautiful results for years to come.

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