Spa Luxury with Serious Results.

Non-Invasive Skin Tightening “SkinTyte” by Scition

Firm and tighten skin with a non-surgical, no-downtime treatment. Treatments uniformly heat tissue in the deeper layers of skin, stimulating new collagen production to take years off your appearance. Treatments are non-invasive, allowing individuals to quickly resume normal activities. A blended infrared light source reduces wrinkling and other signs of aging by stimulating new collagen production, which results in better-toned, younger-looking skin. SkinTyte™ treatments protect the epidermis though continuous contact-cooling, while the infrared light heats the deeper layers. There is an immediate tightening noted and new collagen production is triggered over the following six months because new collagen is still being produced. Results are noted after 1 procedure but better results are gotten by 2-3 treatments spaced a month apart. Skintyte™ is great for early jowling, loose skin and wrinkling around the nose and mouth.

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