Fall and Winter Are a Fantastic Time for Plastic Surgery

Published on August 30, 2018 by


Are you thinking about getting plastic surgery? At Premier Plastic Surgery, home of the best hair treatment for hair loss in Pittsburgh and many other cosmetic procedures, we recommend that patients schedule their appointments during the fall and winter. Here’s why!

Stay Comfy While You Recuperate

While summertime is all about getting out and being active, the colder seasons give us a chance to cuddle up on the couch and relax. This cozy mindset is perfect for someone who is recovering from cosmetic surgery and shouldn’t push their body right away.

Avoid Harsh Sunlight

Sunshine may improve your mood, but it will not improve the results of your procedure. If you receive a facial surgery or skin resurfacing treatment, then too much sun will slow the healing process and cause your skin to darken and scar. Excess sun exposure can also cause incision mark scars to become discolored. Fortunately, the fall and winter offer shorter days and less intense rays of sunshine.

Save a Few Vacation Days

When you’re always busy, it can be tough to take the restful time that you need after your procedure. If you schedule your plastic surgery near the holidays, however, you have extra time to relax and recuperate. You might also choose to receive a procedure earlier in the fall and make a great impression during holiday parties.

Give Yourself a Gift for the Holidays

After the happy chaos of holiday shopping, entertaining, and visiting, you deserve something special. Give yourself the gift of greater confidence and a bolder new you! Just remember to leave a little room in your winter budget for the procedure of your dreams.

Get Ready for Warm Weather

Many cosmetic surgeries require a few months for their full results to appear. Let this process work while you’re bundled up in the puffy coats and fluffy scarves of the winter. Then, like a gorgeous butterfly emerging from a cocoon, you can shed those bulky clothes and show off your new summer body.

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