Gynecomastia Overview

According to Pittsburgh surgeon, gynecomastia surgery can help men seeking physical relief by improving the appearance of their chest as more masculine and well-defined. However, like most surgeries, gynecomastia also goes by the traditional procedure of excisions to remove the excess fat and the loose skin on the chest and the nipples.

In this procedure, the plastic surgeon would first make an incision along the border of the areola, which is carried down to the breast tissue. Once this tissue is removed, Hemostasis is performed to stop any bleeding. A drain is left after this surgery to prevent any accumulation of fluid near the wound.

Says Pittsburgh surgeon, “Gynecomastia surgery helps to remove this excess tissue, which once removed cannot return. This means that the remaining skin on the breast gets recontoured to the chest wall. Thus, leaving no indication of male breasts.”

In another popular way according to Pittsburgh surgeon, gynecomastia or fat accumulation on a man’s chest can be rectified through liposuction. Like all other liposuction procedures, the surgeon would create an incision near the arm pit and inject a sterile fluid that will help numb the surrounding tissues in order to reduce any chances of excessive bleeding.

Once this is done, the surgeon would then insert a cannula that will then begin the process of removing the unwanted fat and chiseling the chest to normal shape, much like a sculptor’s tool. Usually, liposuction does not require any drains and the patient can resume his normal duties within a quick time frame.

However, says Pittsburgh surgeon, gynecomastia patients must use compression garment at least for few days post operation for effective recovery. This needs to be followed up with a good diet and mild exercises to prevent any further return of fat in the area.

Although, all surgeries have an element of risk involved, a gynecomastia patient can minimize the chances by wearing a compression garment, and regulating his movements to a bare minimum during the recovery period.

As is the case normally, the chest may hurt in the initial few days, to the point that even coughing or laughing may seem a little uncomfortable. In such a scenario, any strenuous physical activity such as lifting, jogging, even driving needs to be avoided.

Though a complete bed rest is not advised, but reduce as much as possible any stress on the chest area. Since every patient has different need and care, it is always better to consult your surgeon the best recovery recourse to follow in the days post surgery.

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Gynecomastia Combinations

The procedure for treating gynecomastia involves the removal of male breast tissue. Along with this treatment, other forms of weight loss therapy such as the Obalon Balloon Weight Loss System are commonly prescribed concurrently to assist with proper body weight, shape, and body fat levels.

The removal of love handles is also commonly treated along with a gynecomastia procedure. Liposuction can be performed on the sides of the abdomen and along the chest area to reduce the appearance of fatty deposits and irregularities. When performed simultaneously, these two procedures can save recovery time and reduce treatment costs.

A body lift can also be prescribed in addition to these treatments to remove loose skin and fat from around the chest area.

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