Laser Tattoo Removal

The PicoWay® Laser:

Fast, Comfortable, Effective Tattoo Removal

With the PicoWay® laser, tattoos don’t have to be permanent anymore! This cutting-edge laser tattoo removal treatment in Pittsburgh, PA, will make your tattoo disappear. Unlike traditional procedures, PicoWay® treats all skin types and tattoo colors. This treatment will remove your tattoo in fewer treatments and with less discomfort than any other available procedure.

Tattoo Removal Is Stress-Free with PicoWay® in Pittsburgh, PA

Decades ago, it was nearly impossible to remove an unwanted tattoo. As technology has evolved, however, we have found ways to improve our processes. Here is how PicoWay® makes laser tattoo removal near , easier than ever:

Powerful Laser Technology
When you get a tattoo, ink is injected into a deeper layer of your skin, the dermis. PicoWay® delivers short, concentrated bursts of energy to the ink particles within the dermis without damaging the surrounding cells or the healthy skin above the ink.

Dual Frequencies Remove a Wider Range of Inks
Different colors of ink will respond best to different laser frequencies. In the past, shades of blue and black would fade away after traditional laser tattoo removal procedures, while reds and yellows would remain frustratingly visible. Fortunately, the PicoWay® laser uses dual frequencies to target different ink colors.

More Precise Ink Particle Targeting
The PicoWay® procedure’s ultra-short pulses will deliver energy more precisely to the targeted ink particles while very little heat is transferred to the skin. This means that PicoWay® is safer and more effective for patients with dark skin tones.

Thoroughly Breaks Up Ink Particles
Your body is unable to process the large ink particles in a tattoo, which is why the ink remains within your skin. A traditional laser treatment will break up the ink particles so that the body can carry them away, but it may leave particles that are still too large. The PicoWay® laser shatters the ink particles into tiny pieces, so your body can easily and naturally remove them from your skin.

You’ll See Results with Fewer Treatments
When you choose PicoWay®, you’ll notice results fast. This advanced technology will break down ink particles and provide clearer skin in significantly fewer treatments than traditional laser tattoo removal options.

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About PicoWay®

Is PicoWay® Safe for My Skin Type?
Yes! PicoWay® provides better results for patients of many different skin types.

Will PicoWay® Hurt?
This treatment’s fast and precise laser technology leads to less pain than ever before. Most patients experience only minimal discomfort during their treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects?
You may experience minor side effects, such as temporary discoloration or reddening of the area near the treatment site. Some patients may also notice temporary lightening of the skin.

How Much Does PicoWay® Cost?
The cost of your PicoWay® laser tattoo removal in Pittsburgh, PA, may vary depending on the unique characteristics of your unwanted tattoo, such as:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Size
  • Type of Ink

Is This the Same as PicoWay® Resolve?
No, this is a different treatment. PicoWay® Resolve is a skin rejuvenation process that is performed with this same cutting-edge laser technology.

Is PicoWay® the Right Choice for Me?
When you schedule a complimentary consultation with Premier Plastic Surgery, we will determine if you are a good fit for the PicoWay® procedure. Call us today at 724-264-3608.

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