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Gynecomastia surgery in Pittsburgh is offer at Premier Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. An estimated 40 to 60 percent of men are affected by gynecomastia, which is the medical term for male breast overdevelopment. Our surgeons treat gynecomastia with a cosmetic surgery procedure often termed, male breast reduction. Pittsburgh surgeons acknowledge that there have been certain drugs and medical problems linked to gynecomastia, but there is no known cause in most cases. Among teenage boys, 90 percent of the time gynecomastia will usually go away in less than three years. For the other 10 percent left with the male breast overdevelopment we offer gynecomastia surgery in Pittsburgh, PA.

For men wishing to do something about their gynecomastia but who have been unable to reduce the size through diet and exercise, cosmetic surgery can be an option. Affecting one breast or both, our surgeons are able to remove fat and or glandular tissue from the breasts, resulting in a more toned and flat appearance with gynecomastia surgery. In Pittsburgh, our surgery center welcome men who are realizing that procedures like gynecomastia surgery can help with areas of their body that have not responded to other healthy means.

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Like all cosmetic surgery, there are both benefits and risks, even with male breast reduction. Pittsburgh surgeons at our center will help you carefully weigh your options and offer a qualified opinion.

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