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Today’s women no longer have to wear discreet clothing to hide any changes in their body they are not comfortable with post-pregnancy. They can opt for plastic surgery and get a mommy makeover. Pittsburgh moms are turning to this more and more. This doesn’t mean that they are taking the easy way out of working-out and exercising. There are some things that exercising and dieting just cannot fix, and here’s where a mommy makeover comes in. In Pittsburgh, Cosmetic surgery is fast becoming a main stream phenomenon and women should no longer be embarrassed about opting for it.

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When you are pregnant it seems as though you have no control over your body. You learn to cope with morning sickness, weight gain, skin changes and more during this period. But it doesn’t end there; childbearing brings about a number of changes to a mother’s body mainly in the breast and abdominal areas such as sagging breasts, loose or stretched skin. Women of today need not despair; a Mommy Makeover essentially aims at reversing these changes.

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So, what exactly is a mommy makeover?
After their pregnancy women want to get back into shape and be confident about how they look. A mommy makeover involves a combination of plastic surgery procedures that redress the physical effects of childbearing, leaving you looking good and feeling great.

Which areas can a mommy makeover correct?
With a mommy makeover, Pittsburgh patients can help correct a number of aesthetic problems such as sagging breasts, stretch marks, excess skin and fat and protruding stomachs. Depending on what your surgeon recommends you could opt for any or all of these procedures such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction, and buttock lift. Advanced procedures such as genital rejuvenation and eyelid surgery are also available.

When is the right time to go in for one?
The best time to go in for a makeover is when you are done with having children. Maintaining a stable weight would help you get the best results, so make sure you lose all your baby weight. It is also advisable to finish breastfeeding before going in for breast surgery as the risk of bleeding and infection are higher during this period.

How long does the complete Mommy Makeover, including the recovery period take?
This will depend on the combination of procedures you opt for. It is best to consult a board certified plastic surgeon. He will help you devise a personalized mommy makeover plan that targets your trouble areas.

Are there any risks involved?
There are risks involved with any surgery and this applies to a mommy makeover Pittsburgh patient as well. Risks involved include those such as bleeding, unfavorable scarring, infection and unfavorable results. It is therefore important that you check the credentials of your plastic surgeon.

And finally, what are the costs involved?
For a mommy makeover, Pittsburgh residents will find the costs vary with the combination of procedures you opt for. These are typically one time fees, unless you have opted for a procedure that requires multiple treatments.

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