Dealing with Hair Loss? Try State-of-the-Art ARTAS™ Robotic Hair Restoration

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Over 1.2 billion men suffer from hereditary baldness. If a receding hairline or thinning hair is impacting your confidence, then you can use state-of-the-art hair loss treatment near Cranberry Township, PA to achieve permanent, natural-looking results.

Dr. Brian Heil of Premier Plastic Surgery is the first plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh to offer robotic hair transplantation using the FDA-cleared ARTAS™ system. ARTAS™ is cutting-edge technology that performs the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method of hair restoration.

Restore Your Full, Healthy Head of Hair

During traditional FUE, a physician will move hair from the back and sides of a patient’s head to the balding area. The hair from these areas is not susceptible to the usual causes of hereditary male baldness. The entire follicle is transplanted, which allows the hair to remain healthy and continue to grow at its new site.

Physician-Assisted Robotic Technology

The physician-assisted, 3D robotic system ARTAS™ improves upon traditional FUE. This incredibly precise technology offers superior, sustained donor graft quality. Unlike older surgeries, it will not leave linear scars. You can expect striking results from the random placement of healthy hair grafts, and your physician customizes your final look using ARTAS Hair Studio™ technology.

A Comfortable, State-of-the-Art Procedure

You will be comfortably seated during the procedure and receive a local anesthetic, so there will be no pain as this system chooses the strongest follicular units to harvest — while leaving your healthy hair undamaged. Your donor area is trimmed short, which allows ARTAS™ to create high-quality digital images. This system’s high-definition stereoscopic vision system analyzes, monitors, and tracks each hair 60 times per second. ARTAS™ is fast and accurate, from the first graft to the thousandth.

After the ARTAS™ Procedure

You can return home right after this minimally-invasive surgery. There are no stitches or surgical incisions, and most patients experience little discomfort. There will be no visible scars, and your transplanted grafts will gradually grow in as permanent hairs, creating subtle, day to day improvement over several months. Approximately six to nine months after your ARTAS™ surgery, you can expect substantial hair growth.

Choose Premier Plastic Surgery

Dr. Heil is the only plastic surgeon to offer cutting edge ARTAS™ robotic hair loss treatment in the Canonsburg, PA and the Pittsburgh area. His patients can expect high-quality hair regrowth, minimal recovery time, and an overall great experience.

The experts at Premier Plastic Surgery perform an average of 600 to 1,200 treatments a year. We combine artistry, excellent patient care, and our extensive surgical expertise to help our patients achieve naturally beautiful results. Call 724-472-4268 today to schedule a consultation with our cosmetic surgery experts.

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