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Have you long been dissatisfied with the size or shape of your nose, to the point it affects how you view your physical appearance and appeal? Then you may be a candidate for rhinoplasty, in which the nose is surgically altered to achieve your desired shape and size. Below we briefly discuss what rhinoplasty surgery entails, who is a good candidate for this procedure, and how we at Premier Plastic Surgery & Dermatology can help.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a procedure in which the nose is surgically reshaped and resized to make the face more symmetrical and well-proportioned. In some cases, rhinoplasty can treat a deviated septum or other conditions which impair breathing.


When you elect to undergo rhinoplasty, Dr. Brian V. Heil will first administer anesthesia. Then, Dr. Heil will follow one of two strategies: a closed procedure, in which the incisions are hidden within the nose, or an open procedure in which an incision is made across the section of skin that divides the nostrils (clinically known as the “columella”). Depending on the desired outcome, excess cartilage or bone may be removed, or additional cartilage may be required to form the ideal nose shape. Then, Dr. Heil will redrape tissue and close incisions. For some patients, further incisions may be made in the creases of the nostrils to change their size (American Society of Plastic Surgeons).

Who is a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Ideal candidates for rhinoplasty are adult men and women who are in generally good health but dissatisfied with the current shape or size of their nose. We at Premier Plastic Surgery & Dermatology seldom perform rhinoplasties on children and teenagers, as their faces are still developing and likely to grow or change shape. We prefer that patients do not smoke, drink to excess, or use recreational drugs. If you do smoke, we ask that you refrain from smoking for several weeks before and after surgery, to reduce the risk of complications and poor wound healing. Candidates for rhinoplasty should also have a realistic and positive outlook regarding what this surgery can achieve for them. For example, our expert team at Premier Plastic Surgery & Dermatology can work diligently to improve the size and shape of your nose, but will likely be unable to make it a copy of your favorite celebrity’s nose. Finally, we ask that every patient discuss all of their concerns and expectations for rhinoplasty with Dr. Brian V. Heil, so that Dr. Heil may determine which surgery suits you best and understand what results you desire.


Why Should I Undergo Rhinoplasty?

If you have long wanted to improve the appearance of your nose but were concerned that others would immediately know that you had undergone a “nose job”, now is an opportune time. We are in the last few weeks of winter, which provides ample time for most of the characteristic bruising and swelling of rhinoplasty to disappear while you cozy up on the couch. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian V. Heil, please contact us at (724) 472-4268.

Are there Any Risks? What are the Side Effects?

Rhinoplasty is a generally straightforward procedure that will seldom induce long-term adverse effects in patients, especially when in the hands of our expert team at Premier Plastic Surgery & Dermatology. However, no surgical procedure is entirely risk-free. Patients may experience adverse reactions to anesthesia, frequent nose bleeds, or hematoma. In some cases, patients may have a temporary or long-term loss of sensation in the nose and surrounding area, swelling, skin discoloration, or poor wound healing/scarring. Although not common, septum perforations (holes in the septum) may occur and some patients may encounter difficulty breathing through the nose. For those who are unsatisfied with the appearance of their newly-reconstructed nose, additional surgeries may be required (American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Mayo Clinic).

After surgery, you will need to keep your head elevated and wear special dressings for several days after surgery. Patients are discouraged from performing strenuous activities and making extreme or contorted facial expressions for several weeks after surgery. Avoid wearing clothing that must be pulled over the head, blowing one’s nose, and showering (the excess heat may irritate the nose). Although it may take up to a year for the nose to become fully contoured, notable changes should be seen within a few weeks (Mayo Clinic).


How Much Does it Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer as to how much rhinoplasty will cost, as the price will vary according to how much surgical correction is required and how many sessions are needed in order to fully correct the nose. We at Premier Plastic Surgery & Dermatology are glad to develop payment plans that best suit each patient’s individual financial situation. If you are interested in learning more about payment plans, please contact us at (724) 472-4268 or visit our financing page.

Why Should I Pick Premier Plastic Surgery & Dermatology?

We at Premier Plastic Surgery & Dermatology believe in providing the highest level of care possible to our patients. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian V. Heil received his Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Pittsburgh and is a member of numerous professional medical societies, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Heil has also authored or co-authored numerous abstracts, papers, and presentations regarding plastic surgery during his career. Since opening Premier Plastic Surgery & Dermatology in 2001, Dr. Heil and his elite team have successfully treated thousands of patients.

Bottom Line

Rhinoplasty is a beneficial procedure for those who have difficulty breathing through the nose or who are dissatisfied with the nose’s current appearance. If you would like to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian V. Heil or would like to know more about undergoing this procedure at Premier Plastic Surgery & Dermatology, please feel free to call us at (724) 472-4268 or send us an email.


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