Deflate That Holiday Weight with the Obalon Balloon System

Published on January 5, 2018 by

Every year, it seems like the Christmas season begins just a little bit earlier. Stores have even started blasting holiday music before we settle down for our Thanksgiving feasts. Sure, everyone can use a little more merriment in their lives. Unfortunately, our enthusiasm for the holidays can have unintended consequences.

The Christmas season gives us the perfect excuse to undo all the hard work we put into maintaining our weight. The British Dietetic Associations reports that during this period, people eat on average an extra 500 calories a day. By the time the New Year rolls around, that adds up to five whole pounds gained!

Most people expect that they will pack on a few pounds during the winter months. However, people underestimate the amount of work it takes to get their bodies ready for the beach again. As a provider of health and beauty procedures like ThermiVa services in Allegheny County, we have extensive experience with restoring people’s confidence and self-esteem. If the scale is giving you the winter blues, you may want to consider a weight-loss solution like the Obalon Balloon System.

Proven Results Without Surgery
The Obalon Balloon System is the only FDA-approved weight-loss procedure of its kind. Over the space of three months, patients ingest three weight-loss balloons that take up space in the stomach, quelling appetite. Studies show that Obalon, when combined with diet and exercise, helps patients lose between 15 and 50 pounds. On top of that, the procedure provides lasting results – patients maintained an average of 90% of their total weight loss after a year.

What to Expect
Each Obalon procedure takes about 10 minutes to administer and requires no anesthesia or sedation. Patients simply swallow a capsule containing one of the small balloons, which then inflate. There’s no downtime, wherein, patients are free to go about their daily routine as soon as they leave the office. The treatment lasts about six months. At the end of that period, the balloons are removed under light sedation in another outpatient procedure that lasts about 15 minutes.

Want Santa Claus’ jolliness, but without the accompanying figure? Consider a weight-loss solution like the Obalon Balloon System after this holiday season. To learn more about this procedure and the other services we offer, like vaginal rejuvenation procedures in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas, give us a call at: 724-472-4268.

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