Body Lift

Enhancing Natural Curves for Exceptional Beauty.

Enhancing Natural Curves for Exceptional Beauty.

Body Lift

For patients who have succeeded in losing a significant amount of weight there is little that is more disappointing than having unflattering excess of skin. Pittsburgh cosmetic surgery surgeons recognize that loose, sagging skin detracts from the appearance of a trimmer, healthier body and hides your new body shape. Fortunately, we are able to remove extra skin and improve your contour by performing a procedure known as a body lift performed from our Pittsburgh plastic surgeon, Dr Heil*. The goal of the surgery is to smooth and tighten the skin and surgically remove the excess skin, revealing the slimmer physique beneath. The best candidates for this procedure have healthy skin with good elasticity.

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Panniculectomy Combinations

After any period of dramatic weight loss, excess and unwanted skin can be a lingering issue. Patients successfully treated with the Obalon Balloon Weight Loss System can opt to combine that therapy with a follow-up body lift, or panniculectomy. Staggering these treatments can be useful in removing unwanted skin left behind by removing hanging fatty tissue to result in a trimmer physique.

Breast Lift
Women who would like a youthful-appearing midsection and more symmetrical chest can elect to add a breast lift when getting a body lift.

Several other forms of therapy can be incorporated together to augment a body lift procedure.
For females, an arm lift or thigh lift can be performed synchronously to create a total body makeover and all-around enhanced appearance. And for males, body lift procedures are commonly used in addition to gynecomastia treatment for obtaining their desired body structure.

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