How to Prepare for Your Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

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While it varies from patient to patient and procedure to procedure, there are a few general rules that anyone can apply to improve the overall experience of their cosmetic surgery procedure. These tips will help lead to a quick and complete recovery and excellent results.

Consider Your Diet

The body needs a number of things after surgery, such as essential nutrients and proteins. Prior to cosmetic surgery, you should increase your intake of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, selenium, copper, and zinc. These nutrients play a vital role in the healing process as skin works to repair itself. These vitamins can be found in leafy greens, beans, and asparagus. Many patients find it easier to take a multivitamin that contains these ingredients. Protein is essential to recovery, as it is used to build new skin tissue and blood vessels. Go with quality proteins like fish or legumes for vegetarians.

Avoid Drinking or Smoking

Alcohol inhibits many of the functions of the immune system, which can increase the chances of infection. You should avoid drinking for at least 72 hours before and after any procedure. Smoking should also be avoided before and after a procedure. It restricts oxygen from getting to the blood, which slows recovery time. Smokers considering cosmetic surgery for their face should prepare themselves to quit smoking for an extended period afterward, as smoking can significantly interfere with the healing process.

Reduce Stress

Studies have shown that increased stress levels can weaken the immune system and increase the risk of infection. You should not over exert yourself mentally or physically in the days leading up to or after any cosmetic surgery. Yoga or meditation classes are also great options to prepare mentally for recovery.

Taking the proper precautions leading up to a procedure can ensure a speedier and more comfortable healing time.

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